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Let's Touch Korea!!! ^o^

Well, lets take a break for a while from my journey to Korea....

Since I still miss Korea and desperately want to return to that beautiful country again, then for all that this time I will try to participate in a contest program that was held by Korea Tourism Organization (next we called  - KTO) which the title is "Touch Tour Korea - Chungcheong". and what makes me interest to do this is the amazing prize! the prize for the winner will get FREE-Holiday-To-Korea-For-3-Days!!! Whoaaaaaaa...isn't that amazing????! *screaming* The term and condition is actually quiet simple, just make a post in english about what is Touch Korea Tour and Buzz Korea, the detail is here. well, just trying to find the fortune, who knows this special post below could lead me to fly back to Korea. Surely this will be the second historical moment in my life! (if I win ^__^v) since I never try this before so its kinda make me nervous especially with my grammar. I admit that my english is not really good, but yea...I will try my best ^^;; 

First I want to share a little bit about my addiction to Korea. actually I started to love Korea from watching korean drama on my local TV. I think the first drama that I saw is Endless Love with Song Seung Hun, Song Hye Kyo and Won Bin as the main characters. I think its about 14 years ago. and Gosh...that drama succesfully make me IN LOVE at the first sight. not just because the handsome of Song Seung Hun (hihihiiii...nobody deny how good looking he is!), but the plot, the story, the beautiful place on the drama....wow, such a virus that directly spread into my mind! so yes....start from that drama I become a BIG fans of all about Korea! and that love is getting more and more and more big untill finally about 2 months ago me and my friends went to Korea! Arrghhhhh...still remember the feelings. its feels unreal but its real! and if someone ask me to go there again especially for free....definitely the answer is damn-YES! (well who could reject it? hihihiiiii....:p)

Okay, now back to the main post. let's just start from what is Touch Korea Tour program???

Touch Korea Tour is one of the program that organized by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) which is a part from promotion tour of South Korea. promotion of this tour is definitely the effect of the Hallyu Wave or Korean Wave or often called with Korean Fever. the rise of the entertainment program start from the Drama, Film, Music (commonly known as K-Pop) and the Artists called Hallyu Star become very popular from all over the world including Indonesia (and of course I am one of them :D). It has become the main attraction and lots of interests that focused on language, culture, culinary, fashion, and especially objects in South Korea as a destination of package tours in Korea Tour.
There is a tagline that I found on the official Visit Korea website couple days ago that it really fits with this campaign, the tagline says :
"Interested in traveling to Korea, but have not had the chance to visit yet?
Discover the Charms of Korea at "Touch Korea"

Yep, its really true. One of the way to visit beautiful Korea but you don't need to spend lots of money (hihihiii) is to follow the - Touch Korea Tour program. There was some event that actually held from Touch Korea Tour, but there was one event that makes me so happy and so proud because there is a winner who representing Indonesia. she is a special friend that I've just known from Touch Korea Tour event and right now she become one of my inspiration as well as encouragement by the name of Erry Andriyati! (Haha, I mention your name Sist!)
The contest that she won it's called  "Selection of Touch Korea Tour Experience Team" which is held by Korea Tourism Organization Indonesia. And the winner from Indonesia which is Erry Andriyati  finally had the opportunity to get a FREE vacation to Korea and also an amazing opportunity to meet the Hallyu Star’s who are very popular and become K-Pop idol and they are 2 PM and Miss A! Oh my God, I Swear It makes me soooooooo jealous! * screaming again*

Maybe this housewife with two kid who are the main hobbies are blogging will not be able to visit Korea if he didn't channel his hobby in the Touch Korea Tour contest (beside her lucky destiny of course ... hihihiiii). But through her moment and story that she has been share until now, Touch Korea Tour has provided experience as well as an unforgettable moment for her.
From Touch Korea Tour program and through the experience of Erry Andriyati above, actually we are not only get the opportunity to see the beauty of Korea, but also get the opportunity to meet and make new friends from around the world, enjoying stay in five star hotel in Korea, taste the delicious korean food, and even meet with their handsome and pretty artist aka Hallyu Star! ^o^.
So for those who have a hobby  which is writing in the blog, from now on just try to share it through blog contest that held by Touch Korea Tour as I do now. Interesting events such as the Touch Korea Tour could also be promoted through a media called Buzz Korea.
Buzz KOREA is a global campaign and an integrated online community platform site that reveals Korea's tourism attractions and a variety of Korea-related contents through social media like Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Ameba, QQ etc.  If you have an experience and memories about Korea, you can share it with other Buzz friend and then you can talk about life in korea, korean culture,  food, fashion, drama and many more with everyone you communicate with. its one of the easier way to know about Korea and I think  it can help you too to give information especially if you want to go to Korea.

well, many thing that we can find from Buzz Korea, example like event that I try to join now : Touch Korea Tour – Chungcheong.  

become excited?  Start to post on your blog and then try to apply then share it with your friends!
Like I said before, who knows your special post could lead you to fly to Korea!
Well for me, win or lose it doesnt really matter, I will definitely going to write anything, especially about Korea because I LOOOOOOVE KOREA! v ^__^ v

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  1. I sincerelly hope that you can be one of the winner dear :)


    1. haha, AMIN! thank you so much Eonni
      (klo Teteh kira2 enggresnya apa yaa??? :D)

  2. good luck ya semoga menang, mengikuti bi erry ke korea :)
    salam kenal juga mbak, maaf baru bisa bales kunjungannya, kemarin ninggalin jejak diblogku salah ya penulisan linknya http://ninta.widyastuti.blogspot.com/. Allhamdulillah aku cari ketemu deh ternyata bundanya Alyn tenar di google hehehe

    1. Amiiiiiiiiin! hehe tenkyu mama cal-vin dah mampir :-)

      wih salah tulis ya, haha iya kmarin isenk nulis link-nya manual.

      waduh, tenar? jadi malu :D

  3. Mbak...ditelpon lagi nggak? kok udah ada finalisnya

  4. jiyaahhh... saya ketinggalan info lagi -_-

    1. gpp mba....arghhhh tapi saya masi sdikit sedih klo inget ini mbaaaaa...
      apalagi pas liat foto2 yg pada tour di FB buzz korea...manas2-in bangettttt! >_<

  5. nice blogging :D

    good luck dear

    1. Hi Sujitra...

      fyi : this is not the entry for Asian On Air Program dear, its just another post before the event :D but thanks anyway...good luck for you to yaa ~ ^^