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[Asian On Air Program] - Things I Want to do in Korea!

When I heard about KOREA event especially a free trip to that beautiful country for the prize, of course I'm willing to join!!! :D....all right - I'll give it in short. This time Korea Tourism Organization with Korean Air hold a contest called "Asian On Air Program" by giving away a FREE TRIP To Korea  for 5 days and 4 night for the winner! *gasp* Isn't that tempting? hahaha, for korean lovers – yes of course!

Well, here's the Link for the complete information. To be able to get a free trip to Korea, I would be happy to try my luck again with this "Asian On Air Program" event by writing about - Things I Want to do in Korea.
Before we go to the main topic, I will introduce my self...^_^

Yes...I have fallen in LOVE with Korea especially with their Korean Drama since 14 years ago when I was in college (I had mentioned it on my previous post when I wrote for Buzz Korea contest, it was in here :-) ). Then a year later until today, K-Pop has coming into my life and (still) like a virus that spreads into my mind! I dont know how many times I have to say it but I just love it!
Actually, I even have my first blog where a lot of admiration about my loveable first korean boyband named Shinhwa was written. I have fallen in love head over heals with them since 10 years ago. I read from the news on the internet that they finally make their come back after a 4 year hiatus, make their 10th album and also held a Shinhwa's comeback concert! WOW, as one of their big fans, I’m so happy!  Shinhwa is the only longest existing Korean boy band in the Korean pop history. Ah, they are truly the Idol and the Legend of K-Pop! *love icon* but, I should stop babbling about them right now cause if I still continue the stories, it will not be completed in a day! :D But then my love is not just for Shinhwa, I also have "an affair" with other boybands especially 2 PM and CN Blue. not forgetting the handsome idol in K-drama world which is Lee Min Ho and the manly Hyun Bin....hiks - I’m sicerely grateful to the mothers who have given birth to these handsome and talented men to this world!!...*speechless*...they sure are all on my Top 5 list! ^^

and then I decided to have another blog *which is this blog* that will be fillled with common topics or just any topics except Korea. Well, that’s the main plan, but it seems that my love for Korea has been deep rooted dan severe that whatever I write it always ends up to be about Korea! *acute korea* LOL ~....

Hence...I have been in love with korea for years. I keep dreaming that one day I'll make my dreams come true and that one day I would go to that beautiful country. Luckily, exactly three months ago my dream finally came true!!! YES, I finally managed to went to South Korea backpacking with my two best friends!  *jumping around and around*  \(^o^)/

I still remember those great moments. we are three of the millions of K-pop fans who were finally realize our dream. we went to south korea for a week with backpack travel, but due to limited budget unfortunately we could only get around Seoul and Nami Island and didn't have much time to explore another city or other island outside Seoul. but for me, could see and step my foot to the land of my dreams, it was---priceless and indescribable! I am very pleased with the beautiful scenery, the clean environment and the public transportation especially the subway train / MRT  (because we often use the subway there), the fresh air,  the city traffic that are very organized, happy with the respectfull of the citizens and the security who always ready to help the tourists on everywhere, love the citylights when its dark and many many maaaaany more...

Here it is some of our best moments in Seoul and Nami Island...
South Korea is a country where ancient traditions meet technology, giving the country such a unique and dynamic contrast. believe me, if you're looking for a holiday, South Korea is definitely one-of-a-must-visit-country! this is not only for K-popers or korean lovers but also for travelling lovers. trust me ;-)

Okay back to my self again, as you can read in the first picture in my short introduction that I have worked, actually I have been working in AP-I Airport about 6 years. AP is a state enterprise of the Indonesian Department of Transport that is responsible for the management of airports and air traffic services in Indonesia. And now I have been placed on branch Juanda  - Surabaya (fyi : there are 13th branch for AP-I)

"so Ninta...what is the relationship between your company and Things you wanna do in Korea???" 
relax...we'll get there soon ;-)
Okay, lets check them out one by one and share the truly facts now! *seriouse mode*

The first one is : Couple months ago my company already signed a Joint Management Partnership Agreement which one of the mission is to build and develop new terminal with Incheon International Airport Corporation (IIAC)!
The second fact is : The development of the new terminal will be held innnnnnnnnn........................can you guest???
in - JUANDA SURABAYA!!! MY BRANCH!!! MY WORKPLACE!!! Yeaaaaaayyyyyy!!! Isn’t great??? (here’s the link  for the real....^^)
Okey, now why does my company choose to have a joint partnership with Incheon International Airport???

The answer is on fact number three : because Incheon Airport is known as the BEST AIRPORT IN THE WORLD! the complete is Incheon Airport has been rated as the best airport for its airport services by the Airports Council International (ACI) for seven consecutive years! WOW---SEVEN YEARS???! *Give A Big Applause*, and not only that, it also received a special award that was specifically created by ACI to recognize Incheon Airport's contribution in enhancing the level of airport services as a role model for other airports. Based on the strong brand power of the airport, certainly not wrong if my company decide to have a joint partnership with them. if we want to "study" definitely we’re going to learn and have a cooperation with the best one aren’t you? ;-)

let me introducing : the stunning of - Incheon International Airport!

many people said there's no time for Idle when you step your foot on Incheon Airport. in addition to the huge airport, there are many places  that can be visit by the passengers. If you like shopping, you'll love Incheon Airport! you will enjoy variety of choices, with retail offerings ranging from luxury goods to souvenirs and daily necessities. but places to shop may have become common place and are owned by almost every airport in the world...but wait until you see this leisure and entertainment and attractions and fantastic facilities like this one. does your airport have these all???

more over

WOW...Incheon's slogan "More than an Airport - Beyond Expectation" has never been more true! is not even all of them because there are many other facilities which is still owned by the Incheon Airport! no wonder if Skytrax has given Incheon International Airport a FULL-5-Star ranking, and has been named "Best Airport Worldwide" by both Skytrax & Global Traveler. as you can see...its more than just an airport! ahh I will always commend this airport! (okey Incheon....you have a secret admire now ;D) 

My Boss in the office once said...Airport is a main gate to a country. so if you travelling to a country or any places...you will be able to see the progress or development of the places you visit through the airport. maybe it's not the main factor or the most important indicator in determining the progress of a country, but one of them could be seen through the development of the airport.

 Before I did the backpack travel, I already know that Incheon Airport is the best airport in the world and exploring every single corner of Incheon Airport actually was automatic include on the itinerary,  especially me as the one of airport worker who will be very willing to explore and enjoy every corner of the best airport in the world.
But unfortunately...it---didn’t---happen! *crying*. our last mission for walking around on Incheon airport was fail because of two reasons, the first one is...we had a late night arrival, forget about surround the airport, much time wasted because we had lost on the arrivals and we're kind of confused trying to look the direction for the baggage claim *memorizing the moment with sadness L *...okay, due to our first mission was fail so I guess I still had another chance which is the last day before we got on board back to Indonesia. But....unfortunately...guess what....we-STILL-didn't make it!  *crying so loud!!!*...actually we had an early morning flight out of Incheon. But we couldn’t make it on time at the airport so we were kind of late (again) there! *so stupid* much time wasted (again) because we still confused trying to look for the check in counter and the direction to our boarding gate. Trust me....its a BIG-BIG-BIG-AIRPORT!!! And its really HUGE!!! another "bonus" is we had to ride a subway train again to the boarding gate (we got on gate 106! o_O)...so it really took times to get on the gate...and yes, we had double fail! believe it or not...until this second... I keep regret that moment and I promise to my self I will come back to Incheon Airport and explore it more!!! maybe with Korean air someday.....*prays so hard in my heart* :-)

here's the picture before we took off and in Incheon airport....too bad its only a few...

So if today..this moment..this second...somebody asked me about what I want to do in Korea, seriously - from the bottom of my heart that I really want to do most in Korea is definitely want to visit, learning and explore on every single corner of  Incheon International Airport!!! as the airport worker of course I also want to learn and get the knowledge from them ..about how they run the airport, how they manage the business from the stores, the hotel, the executive lounge and others on the Airport until the "secret recipe" could be seven years in a row to get the award!! wow, such an amazing!! *big applause*

Maybe one whole day will not enough to explore and learning in Incheon, I guess a few weeks or couple months for study will be fine. haha well its my dream anyway.  if I have another chance to Korea, I'll definitely not gonna missed this airport trip again! *impassioned mode*
and of course if I can go back to South Korea again I can get the "extra bonus" which is go to other beautiful places that I have never visit before and do the things I've never did before such as cycling along the coast of Jeju Island, or try living in korean traditional houses, or even watching Shinhwa's performance and meet them! *imagining* well...its my other wishlist in Korea actually...hopefully it will be a dream come true (again)!!! *cross my fingers* ^_^

by the way I know I can do it all if I can go to Korea (as a matter of fact I'm still convinced that Korea has got to be one of the best countries in the world to live in...hahahaa! *note : has been addicted with Korea..so please informed me :p *)

but my love for Korea is certainly not as much as my love to my own country. however...Indonesia is my country and I love my country. I know that Indonesia is still left behind than Korea, but someday I wish my country could grow and developed and more specific is I wish my airport  - the place where I work - can be developed and advanced as Incheon International Airport. for the information, Juanda International Airport was recently awarded as the best airport in Indonesia! (*giving applause to my airport ;-)*). but it's also possible that one day it will go ahead and compete with best airports in the world right? especially now that we have "coupled" with Incheon Airport which is called our "Sister Airport" (I just love when my boss mention those 'Sister Airport' word in the office....hihihiii)
The best part of all, if I was given the opportunity to visit and study with a longer time I'm sure I'm gonna get a lot of knowledge and a lot of experience that I can bring home and share with the people especially for the enhancement of my company particularly in my Juanda Airport Surabaya :-)

Well...thats all my write for the contest...If you want to participate in this contest you can click on the link on the top. you better hurry coz its close on September 23th. and last but not least...if you like my post, please go to my facebook... add your "like" thumbs and leave some comment. Thank you so much and wish you all good lucks! ^_~

(credit : www.korea.net, www.jakartaupdates.com, www.cnngo.com, www.airport.kr/eng, www.hancinema.net, www.seoulplay.wordpress.com, comicslife, and of course...google)

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